Into the Floodlands, After the Flood    July 2015

South of Deception, West of Someone Else's Sea   August  2014

East of Hummerland and Down   April 2014

Sometimes the Light, in Other Places   July 2013

Where the Winter Birds Go   Aug 2012

Choosing Breathless   March 2012

Into Sky High Hummerland   April 2011

Someone Else's Sky   April 2010

The Afterlife   Sept 2009

North Star, Down Again   June 2009

Why Not Go?   Aug 2008

Detour, Seward's Folly   Sept 2007

Where the Tinamous Sing   Apr 2007

Cuatros Dog   Dec 2006

What I Heard the Mantis Say   Oct 2005

If a Man Falls in the Forest...   Feb 2005

Geese Come Down   Nov 2004

What I Did On My Summer Vacation   Oct 2004

The Man With the Double Elephants Under His Arm   Aug 2004

In the Woods that Whisper   May 2004

Man Walks Into a Desert...   April 2004

Visions in the Hard Season   Mar 2004

Red Rover, Red Rover   Feb 2004

The Rules for Falling   Jan 2004

The Ten Power Eye   Nov 2003

Effigies and Insects   Oct 2003

Another August Among the Mortals (Pondhawk Down)     Aug 2003

The Summer Visitations    Jul 2003

Landscape of the Drunken Fabulist    Jun 2003

Dove, Cinnamon and Eyeshadow    May 2003

Into the Glimpse (Of Summer)    Apr 2003

The Initiations   Mar 2003

Dreamlives of the Closely Held    Feb 2003

Two Masters: Variations from Markson   Nov 2002

The Darkenings (written in September 2001)



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