As of October 2009 the site has a flashchat program in beta from that I added after using it on another site. This has now been updated to the 6.07 version. And this may be abandoned now as the last version. It still has a few bugs. Even in 6.08 it is slightly buggy. I have solved the language problems and removed quite a few fonts that were causing problems with that. It should now allow Portuguese and English easily as well as other languages. Having a flashchat here allows better control of the chat. And I can make divided or split pages for use in chatting about just about any subject basically. The new version is completely installed now except the socket function. (Which does not affect your use of it.) It has capability for file exchange (turned on and small mp3 and wma file capabilities added) and window undocking is on as well allowing you to pop the entry and user list boxes out of position and move them around. Themes and layouts were modified. Any changes you make will be saved on that computer when you re-enter. Some of the chat selections below of smaller chat windows so I can test layouts in smaller view. It is not recommended to play with options changes in the smaller views. Use the full chat window to modify things.

This chat is available to anyone and can be used for interaction between parties anywhere. It has private chat capabilities and users can add rooms with password protection for other chat interactions when I allow this option. It is off for now. The chat requires that a user have a registered username and password. This can be completed on first opening any of the chat interface buttons below and then it will be remembered.

The default room on entry is the Brazil Chat room for now. You can switch to any of the other rooms with the dropdown arrow on the upper right near the ADD room button. (Add rooms is off for now.) Messages are typed in the box at the top or bottom of the chat window depending on layout and the entry box can be moved to wherever you want it. Messages are sent with the send button or by hitting the enter key on the keyboard.

Most appearance features are customizable and will be saved after use for each user. The fonts are under Options and the Text tab. Sounds can be muted at the Options/Sounds tab if you need a quiet communication.

I have the chat up generally during work day weeks but the chat does not require my presence to function for communication between individuals. It is essentially always online. Buttons below are labeled for the chat combined pages. You can have the chat come up as a pop up second window to accompany other pages as well. The 'who's in the chat' link on the index page lets you glance at occupation before entering as well.

Note that you must be a registered member to view the USEE cameras. That page will allow chatting with this true chat instead of the current comments program on USEE. They do plan on adding their own chat soon. I am modifying the multiviewer as we go and as I find new places to go.

Thanks. HR

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