The reptiles and amphibians are both long time favorite groups for me. I once raised some Great Plains Rat Snakes from some eggs I'd found (I forget how) in my dormitory in college. And kept an adult Black Rat Snake there for awhile until he bit one of my friends. He had bitten no one else, but he took one look at this friend and whipped an oval of teeth marks on his forearm that impressed us all. It was the largest Rat Snake any of us had ever seen, coming in at over seven feet in length. We let him go in the woods nearby.

One of the most memorable days of my young life was spent diving for Ozark Hellbenders in northeast Arkansas. I'd love to see one again.

Whatever animal I am chasing in the woods though, robber flies or birds or butterflies, when a snake makes an appearance, everything else falls back to the background. Suggesting a hierarchy of awareness anyway.

Note that several species of snake, turtle etc. appear on the pages with the picture links to the left. Go to this link for some Central American frogs, snakes and lizards.