AR Pompilids Distribution

Working list of the proven Pompilidae for Arkansas. Specimens in the museum plus my collecting and Edward Trammel's collecting and sightings. Listed with most widely collected in the top and rarer collections in categories below. Will be updated as info available. Presently these may be more a reflection of past trapping and locations near the museum in the NW counties than true distributions. Red counties are from literature and are not in the UA museum. Blue counties from bugguide.

Species documented for 3 or more counties (30+1subspecies)

Entypus fulvicornis 16 counties

   Benton, Conway, Dallas, Desha, Faulkner, Franklin, Greene, Hempstead, Little River, Lonoke, Miller, Monroe, Pope, Prairie, Searcy, Washington

Tachypompilus ferrugineus 8 counties

   Bradley, Conway, Craighead, Desha, Faulkner, Hempstead, Searcy, Washington

Caliadurgus fasciatellus 7 counties

   Conway, Faulkner, Hempstead, Mississippi, Newton, Pulaski, Washington

Priocnemis cornica 7 counties

   Arkansas, Conway, Faulkner, Lawrence, Logan, Scott, Pulaski

Anoplius atrox 6 counties

   Arkansas, Benton, Crawford, Desha, Johnson, Washington

Anoplius lepidus atramentarius 6 counties

   Arkansas, Benton, Conway, Lee, Mississippi, Washington

Poecilopompilus interruptus 6 counties

   Conway, Crawford, Faulkner, Mississippi, Pulaski, Washington

Anoplius lepidus lepidus 5 counties

   Ashley, Benton, Bradley, Conway, Washington

Entypus unifasciatus 5 counties

   Bradley, Conway, Faulkner, Lee, Washington

Psorthaspis brimleyi 5 counties

   Faulkner, Monroe, Pulaski, Randolph, Washington

Ageniella accepta 4 counties

   Conway, Faulkner, Saline, Washington

Ageniella longula 4 counties

   Chicot, Conway, Desha, Monroe

Anoplius bengtssoni 4 counties

   Benton, Conway, Hempstead, Washington

Anoplius relativus 4 counties

   Conway, Lafayette, Mississippi, Washington

Anoplius subcylindricus 4 counties

   Boone, Crawford, Newton, Washington

Aporus niger 4 counties

   Bradley, Faulkner, Newton, Washington

Psorthaspis legatus 4 counties

   Boone, Johnson, Polk, Washington

Episyron biguttatus 4 counties

   Hempstead, Mississippi, Newton, Washington

Dipogon papago anomalus 4 counties

   Benton, Conway, Faulkner, Washington

Auplopus mellipes mellipes 4 counties

   Faulkner, Lawrence, Mississippi, Washington

Ageniella arcuata 3 counties

   Arkansas, Mississippi, Washington

Ageniella fulgifrons

   Conway, Faulkner, Washington

Anoplius americanus 3 counties

   Conway, Hempstead, Washington

Anoplochares apicatus 3 counties

   Johnson, Lafayette, Washington

Auplopus architectus 3 counties

   Benton, Pope, Washington

Calopompilus maculipennis 3 counties

   Faulkner, Lawrence, Washington

Dipogon sayi sayi 3 counties

   Faulkner, Newton, Washington

Evagetes parvus 3 counties

   Franklin, Johnson, Washington

Pepsis mildei 3 counties

   Jackson, Mississippi, Washington

Phanagenia bombycina 3 counties

   Conway, Faulkner, Washington

Psorthaspis mariae 3 counties

   Benton, Faulkner, Newton

Sericopompilis apicalis 3 counties

    Clay, Franklin, Sevier

Psorthaspis sanguinea 3 counties

   Benton, Faulkner, Washington


Species documented for 2 counties (20)

Ageniella cupida

Agenioides birkmanni

Arachnospila arctus

Auplopus  nigrellus

Anoplius acapulcoensis, depressipes, imbellis, marginalis, percitus, ventralis

Ceropales bipunctata, robinsonii

Paracyphononyx funereus

Pepsis angustimarginata, menechma, grossa, marginata

Poecilopompilus algidus

Psorthaspis luctuosa

Sericopompilis neotropicalis


Species documented for a single county (37)

Ageniella agenioides, partita, semitincta, utilis, vogeli

Agenioides humilis

Allochares azureus

Alloporus pulchellus

Anoplius aethiops, clystera, illinoisensis, ithaca, marginatus, papago, semirufus

Aporinellus completus

Auplopus adjuncta, caerulescens, mollis

Calopompilus feroculis

Ceropales  femoralis, maculata

Cryptocheilus attenuatum, terminatus subopacum

Dipogon  pulchripennis

Episyron snowi, quinquenotatus quinquenotatus

Evagetes padrinus

Minagenia montisdorsa, ?osoria

Priocnemis germana, minorata, nigripes

Priocnessus nebulosus, nuperus




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