AR Tiger Beetles

Working list of Tiger Beetles in Arkansas. Obtained from USGS and other internet sources. Some subspecies may not be complete. Looking into it. Links are to the excellent scans at the North Dakota site or to other internet pictures where available. Maps not prepared yet.

Cicindela cuprascens LeConte

Cicindela cursitans LeConte

Cicindela duodecimguttata Dejean

Cicindela formosa generosa Dejean

Cicindela formosa pigmentosignata W. Horn

Cicindela hirticollis shelfordi Graves

Cicindela lepida Dejean

Cicindela macra macra Leconte

Cicindela obsoleta vulturina LeConte

Cicindela punctulata punctulata Olivier

Cicindela purpurea auduboni LeConte

Cicindela repanda repanda Dejean

Cicindela rufiventris cumatilis LeConte

Cicindela rufiventris rufiventris Dejean

Cicindela scutellaris fugata Vaurie

Cicindela scutellaris lecontei Haldeman

Cicindela scutellaris scutellaris Say

Cicindela sexguttata sexguttata Fabr.

Cicindela splendida splendida Hentz

Cicindela tranquebarica tranquebarica Herbst

Cicindela trifasciata trifasciata Fabricius

Cicindela unipunctata Fabricius

Tetracha virginica (L.)

Tetracha carolina (L.)


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