NA Oestridae Genera

Key is taken from the old reliable Nearctic Diptera Volume one. This one also supplied by Judy Semroc. It does not include Suioestrus but that genus may key to Oestrous. I am not sure.

1.   M fairly straight, terminating well behind wing apex; crossvein dm-cu displaced basally nearly to level of crossvein r-m, or absent

Gastrophilus Leach


1'.   M curved or sharply angled forward, terminating in front of wing apex; crossvein dm-cu closer to wing margin than to crossvein r-m



2.   M terminating in R4+5 before reaching wing margin. Fronto-orbital hairs each arising from a black flat-bottomed pit; hairs of scutum each arising from a small black pustule

Oestrus Linnaeus


2'.   M terminating in wing margin. Hairs of fronto-orbital plate and scutum not arising from pits or pustules



3.   Head very broad, wider than thorax. Scutum with short appressed pile; scutellum strongly projecting, shelf-like, over subscutellum

Cuterebra Clark


3'.   Head smaller, narrower than thorax. Scutum with long erect pile; scutellum not projecting over subscutellum more than twice its width



4.   Face abruptly narrowed, its lateral margins converging below antennae. M beyond crossvein dm-cu with a distinct right-angled bend and short extension


Cephenemyia Latreille


4'.   Face broad and shelf-like, its lateral margins nearly parallel. M beyond crossvein dm-cu nearly straight, without a bend


Hypoderma Latreille


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