The Scolid wasps are remarkable for many things and most are medium to large, hairy and black with various bands on the abdomen. They are virtually modified Sphecids in their habits since they burrow to find their grub host (usually a Scarab larvae) and then paralyze it and dig even deeper to prepare a storage compartment. Only about 23 species in the US. This monster of the monster Scolids is Campsomeris quadrimaculata Fabricius 1775 (Scolia). It is as large as the Cicada Killer except has all black legs and enjoys a good flower.

Different species of Scolid wasp. Facial close-up in spring on some coneflower tops. It was being very shy.

The other common late summer nectaring species of Scolid wasp is Scolia dubia. Distinctive and actually beautiful wasp.