P  H  O  T  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y

Most of the earliest photographs shown on this site were taken with a digital Sony DSC S85 camera.  Not the most complex camera in the world but I adapted to its functions and most of the time I could make it cooperate. I never resorted to beating it into submission. It was a portable camera and it swung easily under the arm and slightly behind me so that most of the time I didn't know it was there until I needed it.


In 2005 I purchased an SLR Canon Rebel 350D 8.3 megapixel camera. Shots from this camera and a newer Rebel have since blended into the mix and do show a higher clarity and color depth sometimes when I can manage it. These photos have a copyright mark in yellow or blue instead of black and white. Eventually they may take the lead on site in number of pictures but there are many Sony shots I will be hard pressed to surpass. Even after 2 years now, I would say 80% of the shots remain Sony shots. After five years now I would say it may be down to 70%. Most of the Canon shots are taken with my trusty 150 Sigma EX macro lens but I have also been playing recently with a 300mm. Which sometimes feels like cheating. Most of the hummingbird shots are from the 300mm.

I have also added some large format images which can be viewed at the below link. Please use the back browser button to return from the large image pages to this image list. These images are not recommended for slow connections or for small monitors.

I am not a professional photographer. I am a happenstance photographer who mostly chases insects and searches the flowers they reside upon. Shots are included here to help with insect identification and sometimes for straight artistic reasons. With luck some of the shots are here for both reasons. The photos are arranged into the groupings noted below. Subgroups branch out from there. Information on the specific critters is included within the separate photo pages.

The vast majority of these are from the southern United States and from the central and west- central portions of Arkansas. There are also quite a few photos included now by Norm Lavers, Cheryl Lavers, Tom Lewis, Bob Barber, Eric Haley, Greg Lasley, Eric Isley, Rose Maschek, Charles Mills, John Redman, Keith Newton, David Oakley and Ruth Andre. These were taken with various small format and SLR cameras (Tom Canon, Bob Nikon, Eric Haley Sony, etc.). Charles is an SLR Nikon man and Norm has since moved to SLR Nikon and Olympus. The shots are appropriately marked with the copyright for the respective shooter. I have thanked them before.

I thank them again here.


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