A genus of only two recognized species north of the border which are both purely eastern. These are as tiny as Atomosia only with a stem perching habit and long antenna. This is Cerotainia macrocera.  It looks distinctly like an Atomosia with short legs and those double-sized antennae. It is a twig and grass percher whereas you won't often catch Atomosia on the tips of anything. C. macrocera is told from C. albipilosa by the yellow/brown frons or facial area. This area is gray/white in albipilosa.

The side shot showing the very Atomosian abdomen and the dark wings. Most of the Atomosia are fairly clear-winged. Again note those long antennae on this very small robber.

This is the top shot of Cerotainia. Dark, wide-eyed and very small with those antennae, it is hard to mistake it for any other robber in the south.

The same creature from Ed Gordon Point Remove. Once you learn to spot them they seem to be much more common.

This creature came out in September in Norm's area and it appears to be the other local Cerotainia species albipilosa. Named, obviously, for all this white fur it bears. I assume habits are similar.

The same area, Norm's yard in NE AR, with some of the same species in June and July. Cerotainia albipilosa. Kind of the superfly pose, don't you think?