A smaller and more cold tolerant Laphria. Fine shot of Laphria index from Jay Cossey on the cold side of Lake Erie. Note those lovely golden and reddish hairs on the upper abdominal segments. Apparently very difficult to tell from Laphria ithypyga. Some segment 6 and 7 differences. I will let you know when I see them side by side. And I'm not sure if ithypyga makes it to the north side of the Great Lakes.

A facial shot of the same male individual.

A male from Pope county, Arkansas which may be L. ithypyga or index. I favor ithypyga since they all seem to be that species in the north and northeast of the state. Compare with the above. This one is eating a treehopper.

A nice kill size for this Laphria. Likely also index since this is what we were taking at the time from this area in the SW of the state.

A pair from Wisconsin. Where they have several other smaller and red-golden Laphria species. This is Laphria janus. Note the contrast in the hair color from thorax to abdomen. And note the thoracic hair is not in a triangular and elongate arrangement and it is not spread over the whole thorax. Also note the heavy golden beard and mystax of the female.