These short writings appeared in a variety of places originally. Written in an hour or an afternoon, immediately after either some signal or some ordinary event it is tempting to call them the walked-back-and-scribbled pieces. Fired off to newsgroups such as the worldwide dragonfly list or the local butterfly list, they are, for now, centralized here at least. Older pieces were included in the first published essay collection. I likely will no longer include these shorter writings in collections in the future. They appear unpredictably so I cannot say with what regularity they will be added here. At any rate, here they are. And some shots of the snow 2012.


Beneath the Mothership   July 2002

Late Winter Languages     March 2003

Spring Tune-up     March 2003

Briefly, Into Dragons     April 2003

Harlequins, Harlequins     April 2003

Semifasciata     April 2003

Green Infusion Jewel     July 2003

Mama Hagenius versus the Head     July 2003

Summer Reassessed     Sept 2003

Local Traffic     Sept 2003

We All Fall Down     Mar 2004

Pantala Meditations   July 2004

Bell in Bud   Mar 2005

A Tale of Two Frogs   April 2005

Walking Into Transitions Nov 2005

Winter Through the Lens Jan 2006

Day 18,671   July 2009

Among Emeralds   July 2009

Rainmaker Down, Summer Dirge  July 2011

Suddenly, the trees   April 2012

Reading Cosmopolis on the Porch   May 2012

Still Early, Afterall   April 2013

October Skies   October 2013

Meanderings in February   February 2014

Awakenings   April 2015

Montana (The Birds) Sept 2016