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Albibarbefferia, a robber fly, with Halictid bee

American Bird Hopper nymph, Garvan Gardens

Atomosia puella, robber fly, with kill

Bee, Leafcutter on Verbena

Blue Dasher Female

Blue Dasher Male, on leaf top

Blue-faced Meadowhawk, face

Bombylius major, Bombilid fly

Broad-winged Skipper

Buff-tailed Coronet, Hummingbird, NW Ecuador

Byssus Skipper on Coneflower

Capped Heron, Tahuayo River Shoreline, Peru

Chestnut-breasted Coronet, East Andean Ecuador

Clematis with sun spot in spring

Collared Inca, East Andean Ecuador

Collared Lizard, juvenile female

Collared Lizard, adult male

Common Baskettail, bud, Round Mountain

Common Baskettail on Red Buckeye

Common Pondhawk takes Little Wood Satyr

Cope's Gray Treefrog, eye

Copperhead, youngster, face

Crimson-rumped Toucanet, Ecuador

Crocosmia in sunlight

Cylindromyia, a Tachinid fly

Dainty Sulphur, Forget-Me-Nots

Dandelion seed array, close

Diana,female, against the Sky

Diana, male

Diogmites angustipennis, robber fly

Diogmites misellus, robber fly

Diogmites, probable neoternatus, robber fly

Eastern Hognose, face, Round Mountain

Eremnophila, Caterpillar hunting wasp, on grass

Fawn-breasted Brilliant, Hummingbird, NW Ecuador

Fishing Spider

Flathead River, Kalispell, Montana

Grasshopper Nymph on Azalea

Gray/Cope's Treefrog on Strawberry pot

Gray Treefrog juvenile in Canna Leaf

Gray Treefrog with Clematis

Green-and-black Poison Dart Frog

Green Anole, facial portrait

Green Lynx Spider takes Green Lynx

Green Lynx takes Hummingbird Moth on Liatris

Green Violetear, Hummingbird

Hausta Floral Array

Habronattus decorus, jumping spider

Halloween Pennant, Dragonfly, on Liatris

Ichneumid wasp, parasitizing sawfly larvae

Iris bloom with shelter

Jumper Juvenile on Crocosmia Ladder

Juniper Hairstreak

Juniper Hairstreak, cocked

Juniper Hairstreak, egglaying, Round Mountain

Katydid Nymph on fading Crocosmia

Ladybug with Pussytoes

Lake, with reflections, Northern Montana

Laphria affinus, with beetle, a robber fly

Laphria macquarti face, male, robber fly

Laphria saffrana, robber fly

Leaf out, Blackjack Oak

Leaf out, Hickory

Leaf out, Red Oak

Maine Shoreline Series #1

Maine Shoreline Series #2

Maine Shoreline Series #3

Mallophora orcina, robber fly with bee

Mantis, facial portrait

Marbled Salamander, early spring

Mason, Last road around

Microdon tristus, Syrphid fly

Micropezid fly

Midland Brown Snake, Young, Face

Mississippi Mud Turtle, roving

Mountain profile, Dawn, Flathead River, Montana

Mushroom, late summer

Northern Metalmark on Milkweed

Northern Metalmark, flaring

Ommatius ouachitensis, robber fly

Pearl Crescent on Polygonum

Phidippus putnami, male, face, jumping spider

Phidippus whitmani, face, jumping spider

Phidippus juvenile, in Leaf Hide

Poecilopompilus, a spider wasp, with prey

Pogonioefferia pogonias, a robber with a Bombilid

Proctacanthus milbertii, robber fly, takes buckeye

Proctacanthus milbertii, facial portrait

Proctacanthus milbertii, with hopper

Promachus bastardii, a robber fly, on pokeweed

Promachus fitchii, a robber fly, egg-laying

Racer, adult, face

Racer, juvenile, face

Rat Snake, Cypress Swamp

Red Bat, Cherry tree

Red Eft Newt stage, spring

Red-spotted Purple, just emerged

Rhamphomyia, Dance Fly

Scolid wasp, facial portrait

Six-spotted Tiger Beetle, blue form

Six-spotted Tiger Beetle, rock face

Southern Pearlyeye, golden form

Sparkling Violetear, East Andean Ecuador

Speckled Kingsnake emerging from leaves

Speckled Kingsnake, face, Round Mountain

Spring Peeper, female, early spring

Spring Peeper Obscured by Leaf Tip

Springtime Darner, male

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog, Costa Rica

Syrphid fly, perch

Tachypompilus, a Spider wasp, with prey

Tarantula Killer male taking nectar

Tourmaline Sunangel, East Andean Ecuador

Trichopoda on grass, Tachinid fly

Triorla interrupta, robber fly, takes Pondhawk

Vicki on a Montana shore with Mountains

Wheelbug juvenile

White-tailed Dragonfly, juvenile, perched

Widow Skimmer, X wing fighter

Winter trees in a Sunbreak

Wire-crested Thorntail, female, Ecuador

Wire-crested Thorntail, young male, Ecuador

Zabulon Skipper, male



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