This page was created for the information associated with the cameras appearing on the internet from sites in Central and South America. Currently Luciano Breves' camera in the southern Atlantic forests of Brazil is the main camera that I have been monitoring. It is still the best feeder cam group in Brazil. It is located in his yard in the coastal lowlands near the town of Morretes. In 2015 he moved to a new site in the same region. He supplies fruit and nectar all year round and has attracted about 60+ species so far to the old site and more birds are coming to his new area. This includes a few predatory birds and local nesters that are not fruit or nectar eaters. He does put some seed and polenta around the fruit stand and has been getting more seed eaters recently. Web birder check list of birds in the Parana region of the coastal Atlantic forest is here. Fatbirder info for the area is here.


The list of El Oro area birds on old Camera 2

Also see the Tandayapa list from the Northwestern slope.

Specialty Wild Sumaco Bird list.

Tahuayo Species list, Peru


The coastal forests of Brazil are one of the most endangered habitats on the planet. Mostly due to the fact that humans enjoy this type of landscape as much as birds do and the vast majority of Brazilians live along this coastal strip. Subsequently there are some very rare birds in this habitat and Luciano has lured some to his yard.

Luciano has had several sponsors but presently he is absent a major sponsor. He has a wild preserve of acreage in the southern Brazilian wilds that is just begging for another camera placement in the forest. Click below to go to Luciano's main camera view page. There is a chat on that view page that is basic and functional. The two top cameras number 1 and 2 are in his current yard location. His hummer cam is also on UStream.


You can chat about the camera with other viewers and occasionally with Luciano as well on the stripped chat on Luciano's home camera page. Note that Luck has quite a few daily expenses involved with feeding the birds and with maintenance of equipment and connection costs. You can donate any amount on his donation page. All contributions are put to use on the care and maintenance of the birds and cameras. Further info and images are at his personal pages as well. Viewing and clicking around on Luck's pages helps as well with ad counts.

I am adding information about hummingbirds in general but specifically the hummers that can be viewed at Luciano's main camera and at the Ecuadorian Buenaventura camera that is unfortunately no longer viewable on any page. More info will be added as it is located. Links for images will appear there as well. Currently this page is under construction, but viewable now.

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