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18 June 2016   And, well, I have been poor about writing anything here despite continuous updates in the last 3 years. Currently several essays since the Maine essay. Two more long form essays and three more short form essays. Another medium form essay in process now. Updates in all sections on photos including large format and other photos. Now working on further bumblebee additions. Cicada pages updated previously. I may not be adding notes here but this is just from laziness.

Summary of photo numbers presently (over 2000 photos now):    Costa Rican Butterflies 22, Diana shots 70, Hairstreaks 95, Metalmarks 25, Monarchs 11, Satyrs 31, Skippers 206, Sulphurs 38, Swallowtails 36, Brushfoots 130

Aeshnids 33, Clubtails 85, Libellulids 132, Other dragons 54

Ecuador birds 127, Essay pictures 442, Large Format images 132

Other Insects 110, Caterpillars 44, Costa Rican Insects 21, Assorted Flies 88, Tachinid Flies 27, Moths 54, Orthoptera 74, Tiger Beetles 24, Wasps 103

Reptiles and Amphibs 178, Costa Rican Reptiles 32

Costa Rican robbers 29, Diogmites 48, Efferids 45, Laphria 90, Other robbers 278

Spiders 110, Jumping spiders 106

26 May 2015   Lazy again about this page. But today added many shots to Reptiles an Amphibians and some butterflies. Working on a group of new large format images. The essay from Whitbey was added in late 2014.

3 Sept 2013   The Maine essay was added this past month. And added a list of shots from this summer to multiple pages, including new Eufala Skipper, new Bordered patch from the Fischers, new Racer, new turtle shots.

12 June 2012   Yow. Several new dragon shots. Updated Broad-winged Skipper. Fully updated Ocola Skipper page. Rose's Wild Indigo added. Several records added. Baltimore Checker food plant shot.

28 April 2012   Updated all dragon and butterfly page formats. Added shots to several. Upsized some old shots. Added new dragon shots new Rd Mt shots from this past month. New Wasp shots. Will add ten or so large formats this week.

12 April 2012   Seriously? I have been all over the place with new shots. Wasps, snakes, butterflies, spiders, caterpillars. Just go look. Damn.

20 March 2012  Been bad again, and it has been winter. New essay from Ecuador up. New shots of Juniper and a Pickerel frog from Dover. Working on new hummers from Ecuador. Will hopefully add some more of Norm's hopper shots.

23 Aug 2011   Added many shots from past John Redman folder including Zebra STs and Glider flight shot. Updated more thumb strips. Main page image updates. Added Cheryl's Harvesters. Added Prairie Racerunner. Added Dainty Sulphur. Added Stichopogon colei shots. Added Katy page recently and linked. Updated robber links.

29 July 2011    Been bad, Added quite a few without update notes. Sigh. Added some Saropogon shots from Larry Hancock and his fine Proctacanthus. Full Grasshopper list and page added. With many Norm shots. Added new Short Piece. Added five or six Large Format shots.

21 June 2011   Added multiple images from butterfly count weekend and the days prior. Including new Black-shouldered Spinylegs female, new Gray Petaltail, Least Clubtails, Bayou Clubtails, Mocha Emerald, Pipevine Swallowtails, Zebra Swallowtail, Buckeye cat and new Buckeye, Dion page updated, Yehl page updated, Owlfly shot added, Baltimore Checkerspot shot from Ruth Andre, Byssus shot and new Three-toed Box Turtle shot.

31 May 2011   Added new images on the treefrog page from Keith Newton and also a Redman shot on the Rana page. Added new Norm Laphria thoracica shot. Added a brood XIX cicada shot from Norm. Added a nice Psilocurus nudiusculus shot from Eric Isley in Texas. Added a Eumenes from the yard.

10 May 2011   Added new essay. And Paul Bedell's fine Cyrtopogon shot.

23 April 2011   New Holopogon snowi shots from Eric Isley. New Cocoa Clubtail shots from Norm. Revised Photo page. Three more large format images. New LW Satyr, new Eastern Tailed Blue shots, new Diana female.

19 April 2011   I have not been this quiet. But it has been a bit. There are new pages on hummers from Ecuador with photos from the trip and some birding pages for South America now here. I added today a new Juniper HS and new Gray HS, new Goatweed. Greg Lasley's new Ceraturgus mitchelli shots. New Fence Lizard. New Large Format frog image. Will add several more in the next week. And it is photo time again.

9 Sept 2010   New essay posted.

10 Aug 2010   Added quite a few new robber shots. To several sections. From Isley, Lavers and Lasley.

13 July 2010   Added new Saropogon shots and species from Greg Lasley and one from Charles Mills. Added Norm's Zabrops shot and info.

11 July 2010   Updated Cicada page with links and photos, some from Eric and one Cheryl shot. Added Peeper shot and a funnel web.

8 June 2010   Added some large format shots to the LG page.

1 June 2010  I think I missed a few update notes in there. Added some Diana shots. Added a Psorthaspis sanguinea from the yard. Added a new copperhead shot pair and a new Ringneck Snake from the yard. Atomosia shot added. Tadpole shot for Chorus. Added some of Keith's Bird-voiced shots and a Diamondback Water Snake shot from him. As well as two Gray Treefrog shots that are indeterminate for Cope's vs. Gray.

8 Dec 2009   Added several Norm and Cheryl shots to photo pages. Updated Movies page. Added flag counters last week.

31 Oct 2009   New essay added.

25 Oct 2009   Changed buttons on main page. Recently added flashchat to the site. See the linked info page from the RNA page. Also the Tropical Birds page added with the linked hummingbirds info page for south Brazil.

11 July 2009   New shots for Proctacanthus hinei and rufus from AR from Norm. Chrysalis shots from Rose Maschek for Giant Swallowtail, Zebra Swallowtail and Variegated Fritillary. New shots from my yard of Tachypompilus ferrugineus, the spider wasp with a kill. New Jade emergent shots. New Broad-banded Watersnake. New Gray Treefrog shots.

6 July 2009   New short piece added.

29 June 2009   Essay added.

28 June 2009   Added several new Diana shots. Also Black-shouldered Spinyleg. And Norms new Dicropaltum male robber shots for a new page. New female Yellow-sided Skimmer shots and YS Skimmer moved to its own page. Added new male Comet Darner.

2 June 2009   Added many Panama butterfly shots and updated info on the Central American shots. Added Norm's Argiope frog shot.

24 May 2009   Added Panama robbers page. Will be checked by Dr. Fisher. Several Panama butterflies to add as well.

14 April 2009   Added quite a few shots from Ouachita county trip. Map updates. New Laphria cinerea shots. Painted Skimmers.

24 Mar 2009   Added Red-eared Slider from Redman and a Labybird beetle shot.

18 Feb 2009   Quite a bit of updating on the AR Pompilidae page. Species list modified. And descriptions added from Townes great 1957 paper.

8 Jan 2009   Unbelievably, this website went up 5 years ago today. (See the struggling notes all the way at the bottom of this page.) I will take a moment again to thank the photographers that have contributed to the site including Norm and Cheryl Lavers, Eric Haley, Bob Barber, Charles Mills, Tom Lewis, Judy Semroc and many others. There are now over one thousand photos on this site and it has expanded in multiple buggy directions. I thank everyone who has taken the time to stop by and visit. I hope to keep it expanding and improving. It has gone much farther than I originally planned. Thanks for coming.

6 Jan 2009    Updated several robber pages that had not been updated in awhile. Added shot of Laphria thoracica from Ohio from Judy. And added some additional Laphria macquarti shots. Added Bob Barbers fine Ospriocerus latipennis shot and filled in the Stenopogon Scleropogon Ospriocerus page with info.

11 Dec 08   Added shot from Texas of another Scleropogon species and modified that page.

9 Dec 08   Added female Band-winged Dragonlet shot from Norm. Charles Mills' lateral Wandering Glider shot. David Arbour's Mocha Emerald. Updated several dragonfly species pages.

29 Nov 08   Added some selected new poetry links from the NY Times notable lists here. New Laphria saffrana images. Small updates to some robber pages.

25 Nov 08   Updates on some robber pages and lists. Added Shadow Darner and Blue-eyed Darner pages with Rose and Berlin's shots.

16 Nov 08   Revised books of interest page format. And added banner links to Amazon. Remember that any purchases made by linking through this website contribute to site maintenance with small amounts of money from Amazon. Will be adding recommended movies page as well.

15 Oct 08   Added Milbert's Tortoiseshell exterior and a Creole Pearlyeye from John Redman.

25 Sept 08   Added more new butterfly shots. Another Stylogaster. Cheryl's babied Giant Swallowtail. Redman's mating Pearls.

23 Sept 08   Added several wolf spider shots. Also updated Bombylid key and the list. Many new photos links there. Added new late Sulphur shot. Several new wasp shots including Scolids.

9 Sept 08   Tiger beetle larval shot from Norm. Two new cats to cat page. Several butterfly shots from Redman. Some of my new Pompilid shots. Bombilid key modified. New Bomb shot.

2 Sept 08   Several of Norm's new Tiger Beetle shots. Hackberry Emperor cat. Two new large format images.

22 Aug 08   Added several Colorado butterflies to the various related pages. Ruddy Copper, Garita Skipperling, Boisduval's Blue.

10 Aug 08   New ESSAY added.

8 Aug 08   Added several updated shots and info to the Jumping spider photos including some of David Arbour's shots from Oklahoma. NEW ESSAY almost complete. Will be posted this next week.

30 July 08   Added several new books to the fiction recommendations. Few shots added this week. Damn if I remember what. Some recent Norm photos added as well.

24 June 08    Dragonwork mostly. Several new species and shots. A fine Charles Mills Swift Setwing shot. Berlin Heck's Common Sanddragon.

23 June 08   Added some map updates. New Promachus pair. New Frit face shot. New Spicebush trio. New River Cooter female.

11 June 08   Added some new clubtail shots including Charles Mills' Bayou. Also female Pronghorn. And a new Toad shot. Charles' female Painted Skimmer. Cheryl's Laphria egglaying shots. Added Four-spotted Pennant shot and page.

14 April 08   Added new Midland Brown Snake shots. Common Baskettail terminus shot. More additions this week from Central America.

20 Feb 08   Added Cyrtopogon page to robbers. Stenopogoninae incorporated into their own page. Added Metalmarks to the Central American list. Button updates continue.

12 Feb 08   Extensive redesign for many pages. Adding robber lists for various states. Added Saropogon page. Making Dasypogoninae page and incorporating prior genera from Other robbers in this subfamily.

8 Feb 08   Adding robber lists for individual states. Central American butterfly list almost complete. Splitting into sublists. Created textures replacing old web textures in several pages and eventually most for improved color and appearance. Email me if you would like texture samples.

8 Jan 08   Switched Machimus to their own page. Updated Bullington's link again on Robber links. Adjusted main robber page.

22 Dec 07  Added Cophura key to robber pages.

16 Dec 07   Added Saropogon key in robbers. Linked as the Ospriocerus key through the main genera key.

10 Dec 07   Added Ospriocerus key in Robbers. Working on adding scans to it.

7 Dec 07     Added John Redman's interior snout. Working on Eastern Grasshopper list, finished soon.

18 Nov 07   Added Gray Comma page with shots from Bob and Norm. Updated the Costa Rican and Central American skipper section of the butterfly list for this section which is accessed through the Gulf Frit shot on the butterfly main page.

22 Oct 07  Added new dragon shots from Charles to Sulphur-tip page. New Bordered Patch page, also Charles.

3 Oct 07   Added Norm's Question Mark cat to show variability. And Norm's series of Goatweed cats and Chrysalis to Goatweed page.

2 Oct 07   Steve Bullington's Laphria site is back in a new location. Link readded.

1 Oct 07   Added new Phidippus mystaceus pics.

9 Sept 07   Added new essay. Added Bob's Hodophylax images.

4 Sept 07   Added Eric's Promachus rufipes. Updated Promachus page. Added new Diogmites angustipennis and new species lateral shots to Diogmites angustipennis page.

28 Aug 07   Added Norm's Sleepy Orange eclosing and cat. Added Tailed Orange shot. Added gulf frit cats and pupa.

21 Aug 07   Added Black Swallowtail page. Added David Arbour's handheld Ozark Emerald male and Clamp-tipped Emerald male. Added a shot from NC of Ommatius wilcoxi. New Dukes' Skipper shots. New Hayhurst's Scallopwing shots.

23 July 07   Added Charles Mills' fine Flagtailed Spinylegs and two Forcepstail shots for SW AR. Added Norm's and Charles' Ringtail shots of Eastern and White-belted. Added Mike Reese's Laphria huron.

15 July 07   Added Redbelly Snake shots. Added new Phidippus mystaceous female. New Rabidosa shot. New shots of Swarthy Skipper.

4 July 07    Added new Pogonosoma shot. New P. bastardii shots. New Cerotainia albipilosa. Added Milkweed Tussock moth.

25 June 07  Added new books to book pages and split nature and fiction and nonfiction. More to add this next few weeks. Buying books through these links helps to support the cost of the website.

19 June 07  Added new Holopogon shot and updated page.

16 June 07  Added Orchard spider shot and Longjawed family page. Added David Arbour's emergent male Bird-voiced Treefrog. Added pupal form Sceliphron wasp.

15 June 07  Added new Araneus bicentarius shot and added links to Orb list. Added Norm's spicebush cat.

12 June 07  Map updates on butterfly maps and dragon maps. Modified Robber main page. Added new Stillwater shot. New Calico and Banded Pennant shots. New Ceraturgus shots. Added new Marsh fly. Several new Bombylids. New Micropezid. New Zebra Swallowtail. New GS Frit shot. New Leptogaster shot. Wood Frog added. Norm's new Yehl Skipper added.

4 June 07   Added Polistes annularis shot. Added female Blue-faced Meadowhawk. Added Edward's fine Timber Rattler head.

2 June 07   Added new Lepto frame page split from Other robbers. Added Rose's American Copper shots. Added Rose's female Green Darner.

31 May 07  Added the Laphria janus pair from Mike Reese in Wisconsin. Added the Laphria macquarti Texas variant from Greg Lasley.

29 May 07  Added the new Lasiopogon shot from Edward Trammel. Added Norm's Aldrichia shot. Added the Baltimore Checkerspot page. Added a Roseate Skimmer page with David's shot. And added Norm's convincing Swamp Metalmark to the Northern page for now for direct comparison.

21 May 07  Added several caterpillars and moth combinations to the moths and caterpillar pages. Added Norm's new Mourning Cloak and Cheryl's Giant Swallowtail cat. Added Banded Hairstreak shots. New White M shots and an interior M. Added Hickory Hairstreak shot. Added Western Rat Snake shot to Racer page.

15 May 07  New Banded and Striped Hairstreak shots. New Orange Shadowdragon male. And added link to this stunning anatomy site:

10 May 07 Added David's Spotted Salamander. Added a male Machimus virginicus shot. Norm's improved Orthogonis shot. Added local Alligator shot. Added Great Plains Rat Snake shot.

9 May 07  Added Norm's male Widow. A new Striped Hairstreak and a Pipevine egg shot.

8 May 07  Added new Box Turtle shots. New Alligator Snapping turtle page and shots. Added quite a bit of ID info on the Costa Rican Robber page. New Blue Racer shot. New Question Mark caterpillar shot. Added several Phidippus shots and a Maevia. Added Black Widow page and shot.

7 May 07  New main entry page added. Photo page buttons updated with sound. Keys page improved and buttons added.

2 May 07  Added the completed Costa Rican Reptiles and Amphibians page. From the Reptile main frame page.

30 Apr 07  Added new essay this week. Added two large format shots of Poison dart frogs from Costa Rica. Added Mourning Cloak cat shot.

21 Apr 07  Added new Charles Mills Plains Clubtail. Added new Laphria posticata shot. Corrected Costa Rican butterfly pages with input from expert Kim Garwood. Added a new Cocoa Clubtail shot.

17 Apr 07  Added several pages this past week. Including the Costa Rican butterfly pages and the Costa Rican Robbers linked through the two main pages for those groups. Also a new Red Saddlebags shot from David Arbour. A new Sely's Sundragon from Kelly Chitwood. Working on a Laphria posticata page from a shot from Ben Coulter. More Costa Rica shots coming.

27 Mar 07 Added Spring Peeper shots to frog section. Added David Arbour's aging male Variegated Meadowhawk.

22 Mar 07 Added new Springtime Darner page. Added Norm's Gonia Tachinid pair shots. Added Jurinia Tachinid shot. Modified Tach key page one with bookmarks.

13 Mar 07 Added new Phidippus otiosus shots. Added Norm and Cheryl's Heteropogon shots from the SW.

12 Mar 07 Added Norm's new Henry's from NE AR.

23 Feb 07 Added images on the Eastern Robber key for Hadrokolos. Added Norm's new shot of Nicocles female specimen and replaced his old shot with a new one.

9 Jan 07    Added robber pages for Apachekolos and Ablautus with Norm's shots. Some Wolf spider links added on species page.

2 Jan 07    Updated Promachus and Proctacanthus info page.

1 Jan 07    New essay added. Updated robber map page and links to AR species list.

27 Dec 06    Added Norm's page of Underwing moth species.

26 Nov 06    Attempting to reestablish publishing capability. Dragon list update with new name for the Stripe-winged Baskettail.

15 Aug 06    Added many links on the Pompilid list page.

18 Jul 06    New Nerax shot. New Dogbane beetle shot. Added new Femzabbie. New female Psilonyx shot. New Tussock moth cat. New Phidippus otiosus. Added Unicorn Caterpillar shot. New Green Lynx shot. New Plains Clubtail female terminus shot. New Swift Setwing shot.

16 Jul 06    Added new Paraphidippus shots. Added new shots from Norm's Orthogonis collection. New Mourning Cloak page.

11 Jul 06     Added new Lampria shots. New Pompilid and working on shifting Pompilids to their own frame page. Added new Harvester shot. Added new Ammophila shot. New Bell's Roadside Skipper shot.

5 Jul 06    Large format Phidippus putnami. New Proctacanthus shots. New putnami shots to jumping spider section. New Microbembix.

2 Jul 06    Added Dan's Microstylum shot and a page for that species. Added map updates. Added several Leptogaster and Psilonyx shots.

19 Jun 06    Added a Laphria sacrator page.

6 Jun 06    New Micropezid from Judy. New large format Anole shot. Updated Syrphid list links.

30 May 06    New Pygmy Rattlesnake. Live shot of Pogonosoma dorsatum. New Spangled Skimmer shots.

27 May 06    Updated Jade Clubtail page.

23 May 06    Added new Laphria saffrana shots and a Large format image. Added new Tachinid, Gymnoclytia, mating shot. Revised Echthodopa page. New Laphria thoracica shot.

10 May 06    Added Norm's new Ouachita Spiketail shot.

9 May 06    Several new Tachinid shots added. Will split for their own frame page soon. New Red Admiral.

3 May 06     New page for feather-legged spiders. New Tachinids added. New Saddlebags page. Cocoa Clubtail page.

16 Apr 06    Added male Blue Corporal shot. Added large format Red Bat and Racer face adult.

2 Apr 06     Added a Syrphid, Toxomerus, shot.

29 Mar 06    Added a new Cobweb Skipper shot. Added a strider tandem pair. Added a Fence Lizard male. Added a Dance Fly.

16 Mar 06    Added Judy S's lovely Gymnosoma Tachinid shot to the Tach page. Will likely make a Tach main page when enough shots added.

12 Mar 06    Added Proctacanthella page. Most of Syrphid key finished.

3 Mar 06     Images added to Oestridae key. Key link page added.

1 Mar 06     Tach key finished. Two new books added to insect section of Book page. Added Norm's new Nicocles shot and made a species page.

28 Feb 06    Very difficult Eastern Tachinid key added in four pages. Not for the meek. Still being tweaked but usable. Please report errors to me.

1 Feb 06     New short piece added with photos.

20 Jan 06    Added links to new Tabanid list from Bugguide.

19 Jan 06    Added info to the Owl Flies page. Added the working list of the Eastern Tabanids.

9 Jan 06     Most of Bombyliidae key and images complete. Last wings added from Nearctic paper.

3 Jan 06     Added three books to the Books page.

1 Jan 06     Happy New Year. Linked the Bombyliidae key up that has been in progress. Still have facial scans to add but now usable.

29 Dec 05    Added Books of Interest page with links. Difficult. Purchase links to Amazon for the majority of books.

6 Dec 05    Added new info on Stiletto fly page and Thick-headed fly page.

4 Dec 05    New caterpillar page. New scorpionfly shots. New Tachinid shots added. New Bombylid shot. Added salamander page.

15 Nov 05    Added new short piece.

7 Nov 05    Updated Lycosidae list for Arkansas and adding further info.

1 Nov 05    More work on Pompilid list info.

31 Oct 05    Further info added on the Pompilid list for Arkansas.

30 Oct 05    Updated the Jumping spider list with new names and classification from the new Spiders of North America manual.

24 Oct 05    New Micropezid fly info added and a key to the North American genera.

12 Oct 05    New Essay added.

3 Oct 05    Added three new Pogonioefferia shots. Added two new large format robber shots. Added a new Wolf Spider male and Norm's Geolycosa.

29 Sept 05    Added Laphria affinus. Added a new Tachinid apparently in genus Zelia. Added a new Polistes shot.

24 Sept 05    New shots from Eric from earlier this year. Added Softshell from Florida. New Green Lynx shot. New Norm shot of the Machimus erythrocnemius. Updated Robber maps. Added Two-striped Forceptail shot and page.

18 Sept 05    New Ammophila colony shots. New Ammophila species. New possible Isodontia. New Sceliphron shots from Eric.

12 Sept 05    New Buckeyes. New Proctacanthus milbertii. New Green Lynx. New Neoscona. New Ammophila.

8 Sept 05    New spiders at Araneidae. Finally took some usable M. gracilis shots. And a new A. marmoreus. New large format Mantid face of Carolina Mantis. New Green Tree Frog. New Thick-headed fly. New wolf spider. New orb weaver.

7 Sept 05    Added Norm's Heteropogon prey shot.

5 Sept 05    Quite a bit of spider work. Mostly Orbweavers. With added shots and info. See main spider frame page. Added Norm's Cerotainia albipilosa. New Flag-tailed Spinylegs shot. Bombylid shot added. New Diogmites shot. New Swarthy Skipper shot. Added Eric's Diogmites esuriens.

30 Aug 05    Added two new large format shots. Added Norm's Psilocurus nudiusculus shots. Added a Heteropogon robber page. New Sleepy Orange shot. New Pearl Crescent.

23 Aug 05    Okay, too many to list. Extensive spider section revisions and quite a few added images there. Also split the main spider thumbs up as there are now enough photos. Several new dragon shots.

16 Aug 05    Added new Proctacanthus hinei male. Added large format Promachus bastardii.

8 Aug 05     Added a Marsh fly page. Added a new Flag-tailed Spinylegs shot. Modified the Efferia key further. Added a Spittlebug page.

4 Aug 05    Added further information to the Pompilid list. Ceraturgus robber page added.

3 Aug 05    Added the new modified Efferia key for the east.

2 Aug 05    New Proctacanthus hinei female shot. New Bembix shot.

31 Jul 05    Added Charles Mills Checkered Setwing to the Libellulid page. Added a true Laphria canis from Tom Murray.

28 Jul 05    Added further information from another observer of the large south Texas Mallophora species. Added Norm's new Sootywing.

24 Jul 05    Added Cicada Killer page. Added Bot Fly page. Added Diogmites basalis.

20 Jul 05    Poecilopompilus series added. And large format shot. New Orb weaver. Further work on Pompilid list.

17 Jul 05    New Diogmites missouriensis shots. New Diogmites platypterus shot. New Hemaris thysbe. Another Cerotainia shot. Added a Spot-winged Glider page. Added Norm's new Psilocurus birdi shots. Added Norm's Owlfly.

16 Jul 05    Added two new Wolf Spider images and a page of scans from Kaston's book.

12 Jul 05    Added Mosquito page. Added Soldier fly page. Added Laphria sicula mating shot. Rough Green Snake. Snout shot.

10 Jul 05    Many new photos. Tachinids. A Stictia wasp. New fly family, soldier flies. New Ommatius. Several new Pogonioefferia shots. New Proctacanthus hinei female. Two new large format images.

4 Jul 05    Added Tom's Owlfly face.

3 Jul 05    New Laphria lata shot. New Diogmites misellus shot. Two new large format images.

2 Jul 05     Added and worked with textures on the site. Modifying to improve appearances other than flat colors. Added Norm's Triorla kill shot and his new Laphria grossa.

29 Jun 05    Added several new moths. And updated Hodges numbers on the rest. Added several jumpers and rearranged their pages a bit. Added a new crab spider. New American Lady shot. Added a new Wood-Nymph shot. Added a second Lampria rubriventris shot to robbers. Added a new female Promachus fitchii egglaying shot.

25 Jun 05    Added a Cerotainia page to robbers with Norm's shots. Added a new Ommatius shot. Added a facial shot of Chrysops a biting fly. Added another male Phid whitmani juvenile with ant kill.

20 Jun 05    Added a Ceraturgus page to robbers with Norm's new shot. Added two new large format images. Added a new Albibarb shot to robbers. Added a new Micropezid fly to the other flies. Added a new Epalpus to the Tachinid flies. Added new Laphria canis/sicula and inex/ithypyga shots to Laphria pages. Added new Dolomedes tenebrosus to spiders.

16 Jun 05     Added a page for the Conopidae to flies. Added a sex shot of Albibarbis from Norm. More links on robber page including Norm's specimen Laphria divisor.

12 Jun 05    Added another Antlion adult. Added a Laphria macquarti prey shot. Added a cicada page.

9 Jun 05    Added a new Broad-headed Skink and new Five-lined Skink shot.

5 Jun 05    Added a new Amberwing shot, new male Spangled Skimmer and also a juvenile male Widow Skimmer. Added a Strider page. Added a live Promachus fitchii shot. Added a new Assassin bug, likely Apiomerus. New Dainty Sulphur shot. New Bombilid shot. The Arkansas Syrphid list is complete. Will add links as I can.

3 Jun 05    Added Laphria cinerea page.

2 Jun 05    Added new Fishing spider shot and large image. New juvenile wheelbug and large image. Working on getting full Arkansas Syrphid list readied. Currently under construction but viewable. Genus key page for Arkansas will follow.

31 May 05    Added Laphria canis shot and page. Added a local Stilt-legged fly. Added two Tachinids. Added two more Bombylids.

30 May 05    Added new snapping turtle facial shot. Added scolid wasp facial close-up. Added new Disonycha beetle to beetle pages. Added an Oxyopes species shot to the Green Lynx page.

29 May 05    Frankly, I added so much I forgot. Oops. But did add a whole new series of selected large format images which are linked from their respective pages and the whole series can be accessed at the new Large Format List link on the main photo page. The shots are usually larger shots of the same ones on the various info pages. Some however are alternate forms.

25 May 05    Added a series of new Phidippus jumpers. Added a new Tachinid fly.

23 May 05    Added open shot of Appalachian Brown from Norm. Added new White M from Norm.

21 May 05    Added Microdon to the Syrphids. Updated Syrphid list with more states and species. Added a page for Dance Flies and for Dark-winged Fungus Gnats. New funnel web kill shots with honeybee. Moved Flies to their own frame page. Added Stiletto fly page.

16 May 05    Added Comb-footed Spider list to main spider page with link. Links to be added this week. Added Argyrodes spider with Dasher to the Dasher page. Will link from the spider list when I add the imbedded links there.

15 May 05    Added Painted Skimmer page. Added female Thiodina silvana to jumpers.

11 May 05    Added Cobra club page. Added new Neoitamus shot to robbers. Added new C. duodecimguttata to Tiger page. Added male Marpissa formosa shots to Jumper page.

9 May 05    Added a page for Dobsonfly and Fish fly group to Other Insects. New Purple shot. New beetle -- Neochlamisus. Another Comb-footed fly shot.

5 May 05    Added female Habronattus decorus to jumpers. Added Blue Dasher page (finally). Added Double-ringed Pennant page.

2 May 05    Added Great Blue Skimmer page. Added Neoitamus robber page. Added new shot of Collared Lizard. New Hobomok shot added. Added a new Tachinid.

26 Apr 05    Added several new dragonfly shots from the new camera at Swamp Darner, Stream Cruiser and Common Green Darner pages. Added a spring scorpionfly, a new Common Roadside Skipper shot. Also want to thank all the visitors in the past few months. Now over 200 a day and 3 to 4 thousand hits a day. Still astounded at how many are to the spider pages.

21 Apr 05    Added unknown jumper to non-phid page. Revised Jumper list with states of occurrence.

20 Apr 05    Added Blue Corporal page with female shot from Bell.

19 Apr 05    Added new Oklahoma Clubtail shot.

18 Apr 05    New Bird-voiced shots added to treefrog page.

17 Apr 05    New Brief essay added with photos.

14 Apr 05    Added Norm's Echthodopa to the robbers. Shifted Promachus and Proctacanthus to their own combined frame page.

13 Apr 05    Added several shots from the new Canon camera. New Whitetail shot. New Laphria flavicollis, new page for the Tabanidae. New female Fence Lizard and a new Gorgone Checkerspot.

8 Apr 05     Adding species keys for the genera of spider wasps as I create them. Click on the genera in the Arkansas Pompilid list to get to the keys.

5 Apr 05    Added female Fence Lizard dorsal. Added second Fishing Spider shot. Added Crane Fly facial shot. Reviewed numbers on information page and the month of March 05 broke all standing records for visitors, hits, pages, downloads. Improved Syrphid opening shot of same species.

3 Apr 05    Added further refinement and images to the Larrinae key in wasps. Revised Sphecid wasp main list for accuracy and some descriptions of Tachytes and Tachysphex. Added Crane Fly page. Added a Tachytes wasp live shot. Added C. scutellaris scutellaris shot to Tigers.

21 Mar 05    Added Florida Scrub Lizard. Escape buttons added to Reptiles and Amphibian pages. Pompilid wasp key to the tripe Pompilini added. New Zebra Longwing shot added.

15 Mar 05    Added a Micropezidae fly page. Added another Bombylid from Norm. Added a Pickerel Frog from Bob Barber to the frogs 2 page.

6 Mar 05    Added leaf-footed bug to ambush bug page.

5 Mar 05    Added Chorus Frog and split frog pages. Replaced Silvery Blue shot with Tom's new shot exterior.

1 Mar 05    Added new Brief essay piece.

24 Feb 05    Added Laphria index page with Jay Cossey's shots.

22 Feb 05    Updates on robber pages and robber maps. Scolid wasp page added.

6 Feb 05    New Essay added.

1 Feb 05    Extensive expansion of the key to the eastern robber genera. 2 to 3 mb of drawings added from the Robber Flies of the World book.

23 Jan 05    Few dragon map updates from Abbott's info. Some Sphecid wasp info added to list page from Krombein's book.

19 Jan 05    Added working list of Pompilid wasp species for Arkansas.

16 Jan 05    More tribe keys completed for the Solitary wasp tribes with images added.

13 Jan 05     Added Eric's antlion adult with antlion info.

11 Jan 05    Added an Owlfly to the Other Insects section. With Owlfly info and species list. Added a Scorpionfly page.

10 Jan 05    Moths moved to their own frame page out of Other Insects. Added escape buttons to most of butterflies and dragonflies, robbers and wasps.

8 Jan 05    Added a Mantispid page with Norm's shots. Site went up one year ago today.

27 Nov 04    Counter adjusted on main page to reflect total visits to all page sites and not simple page hits. Added Leafhopper page to Other Insects. Added an Other Insect page for Syrphid flies. Updated Tachynid fly page. Added a Bombylid fly page. Updated Mydas fly page.

24 Nov 04    New Essay added. New Hymenoptera page and frame made for bees and wasps. Polistes page added. Links to all the bumblebee species added.

24 Oct 04    Added a page for Mason Wasps. Added a Habronattus shot to Jumpers. Added a young Three-toed Box Turtle shot.

21 Oct 04    Added Eric's Plexippus shot to Jumpers.

10 Oct 04    Added Tom's Red Admiral and Eastern Comma shots. Added page for the Flower bees, a page for the Honey bee, a page for the Bumble bees with Arkansas and an eastern species list. Added a new Blue-faced Meadowhawk. Added a new Pompilid wasp in the Pepsis genus. Added an Ambush bug page with my shot and a Tom shot. Two new Tachynid flies added. Added Norm's Isodontia stem closure shot. Added Norm's P. rufus robber shot. Added Argiope trifasciata from Bob's shots. Added Tom's Red-banded Hairstreak shot.

20 Sept 04    Updated and added links to Arkansas Orb Weaver list page.

14 Sept 04    Added a male Pogoniefferia pogonias shot. Added Phidippus apacheanus to the jumping spiders. Added a page for the leaf cutter bees Megachile.

13 Sept 04    Added a series of shots of Ammophila (probably urnaria) at their colony nest tunnels with prey. Added new Cicindela rufiventris shot to Tiger Beetle page. Pompylid added to wasp second page. More shots in next few days.

7 Sept 04    Added further Stichopogon shots from Giff Beaton of S. abdominalis for clarification of the three species. Added Arkansas Tiger Beetle list with linked images.

6 Sept 04    Added Bob's fine Checkered White female fall brood.

5 Sept 04    New shots of fall form Question Mark. Added Stichopogon colei and trifasciatus shots to Sticho page. Added new Diogmites symmachus page shot. Added Prolepsis female live shot.

4 Sept 04    Added link to eastern genera key for Robbers to main Robber page.

31 Aug 04    Added new Diogmites shot to symmachus page and a new Diogmites missouriensis shot from Norm. New shot of female Pogoniefferia pogonias. Added Bob's Ommatius, likely gemma.

30 Aug 04    Linked all possible genera on the Arkansas and Texas robber lists with internet sources.

23 Aug 04    Added a Laphystia page and a Laphystia pattern page to robbers. Added a Diogmites missouriensis page.

17 Aug 04     Added Bob's summer Sleepy Orange shots. New Glassywing shot.

16 Aug 04     New Clouded Skipper shot. New Harvester shot.

11 Aug 04    New Essay added.

9 Aug 04    Added new Stichopogon shots to Stichopogon page with further information on that genus. New Nerax shot. New Proctacanthus rufus shot.

7 Aug 04    Added Psilocurus page to robbers.

5 Aug 04    Added Holopogon page to robbers with Michael Thomas' shot. Added a Lasiopogon page with another Thomas shot and information on the eastern species from Cannings.

26 July 04    Added David's Timber Rattlesnake.

25 July 04    Added a new Orthogonis page with Norm's shots and new information. Moved Orthogonis info from Pogonosoma page. Added a new female Albibarbis shot. Added Atomosia sayii shots. Added Proctacanthus heros shot. Added page for Bar-winged Skimmer. Added Amanda's Pennant page and a Faded Pennant shot there. Added new Regal Darner shot. Added male Little Blue Dragonlet shot.

12 July 04    Added Tom's Southern Cloudywing upper.

11 July 04    Added new Tiger shot. New Southern Cloudywing. New Nerax female. Updated home page wording appearance.

        New Short Piece Essay added.

10 July 04    Added Pogonosoma page to robbers with information included for Orthogonis stygia. Added a Gray Petaltail page.

5 July 04    Added Copperhead to the venomous snake page. Added an Underwing moth page. Added a Toad page.

4 July 04    Added further information and shots to the large Laphria robber page. Added Machimus snowii to the Machimus page. Added Tom's excellent Harvester from Pulaski county.

24 Jun 04    Added Norm's Asilus with a copper shot.

23 Jun 04    Added Marpissa formosa to jumping spiders. Added Dion Skipper page. Added Pronghorn Clubtail page.

22 Jun 04    Added two new shots to Promachus page. Added Laphria macquarti live shots. Rearranged jumping spiders. Added Habronattus coecatus and another Tutelina color form or species. Added a Harvester page to butterflies.

21 Jun 04    Added more links to web on Jumping spider list.

15 Jun 04    Added second shot of Atomosia puella. Added Machimus antimachus male.

14 Jun 04    Added new information on Box turtle and Gray Treefrog from the new Reptiles and Amphibians of Arkansas. Added Taracticus page to other robbers. Added Bob's fine Asilus to the other robbers pages.

10 Jun 04    Revised Jumping spider section. Added unknowns and the new jumping spider frame page.

8 Jun 04    Revised Laphria frame page and added Laphria thoracica. Added Bob's male Maevia inclemens. Added Machimus page to other robbers section.

5 Jun 04    Added Sassacus papenhoei to the non phid jumper pages. Added new shots of Ommatius and Promachus bastardii to the other robber sections. Revised Ommatius text.

4 Jun 04    Added another non phid jumper to second page of jumpers. Possible Tutelina as well. Added second individual of Eris aurantia.

2 Jun 04    Revising robber maps to show specimen confirmed and visual only sightings.

1 Jun 04    Added Peckhamia and Tutelina elegans to the jumping spider pages.

31 May 04    Added Cicada Killer shots to wasp section. Added Autographa biloba to moths. Added Atomosia page to other robbers. Added female Pelegrina galathea from Bob. Added Sphecius speciosus to wasp section.

30 May 04    Added Tarantula page. Added second non-Phid jumper page with Hentzia palmarum shots. Added further links on Jumper list.

29 May 04    Added Eris aurantia shot to the non-Phid jumping spider page. Added male Pelegrina galathea to jumpers.

28 May 04     Added Gray Treefrog to tree frog page. Added Appalachian Azure page. Added Westfall's Snaketail page. Added mating Northern Metalmarks to NM page.

            Added New Essay.

17 May 04    Added handheld Plains Clubtail. Added shot of Mississippi Ringneck underbelly.

16 May 04    Added specimen shots of Pogonosoma dorsatum in robber list. Added new Plains Clubtail shot. Added Yellowbelly Watersnake shot.

11 May 04    Added exterior Northern Cloudywing. Added Hoary Edge perch ext/int shot. Added another jumping spider page with a new thumb link. Includes non-Phidippus species and some unknowns. Maevia shots moved to this page.

10 May 04    Added shots of the Perry county Linda's Roadside-Skippers.

8 May 04    Added another Laphria flavicollis shot to Laphrid pages.

5 May 04    Added a Pompylid wasp with spider to other insects section. Added Bob's close Collared Lizard shot.

3 May 04    Added Tom's Swarthy interior shot. Added Green Anole facial shot. Added side view of Dreamy Duskywing. Added new page for Gray Comma with Bob's shot. Added exterior Yehl Skipper shot.

29 Apr 04    Updated Mournful Thyris shot on moth page. Improved racer shot on Racer page. Added Tortoise Beetle.

24 Apr 04    New essay added.

22 Apr 04    Added Bob Barber's impressive Pepper and salt Skipper.

21 Apr 04     Added Twin-spotted Spiketail dragon page with Tom's shot. Added second Maevia jumper shot.

20 Apr 04    Added new Laphria flavicollis shot.

19 Apr 04    Updated Robber maps based on Jeff Barnes new information from last years specimens. Added several robber specimen shots to links on Arkansas robber list page. Dates added for new data from 2003 for robbers on map link page.

17 Apr 04    Added Fatal Metalmark page.

13 Apr 04    Added a Henry's Elfin page. Added a Frosted Elfin page. Added typical C. sexguttata to Tiger group.

2 Apr 04    Added Bob's Cicindella punctulata to Tiger page.

1 Apr 04     Added Tom's Marbled Orb Weaver. Added Bob's Maevia inclemens to Jumpers. Added many more internet links to the Arkansas Salticid list page.

30 Mar 04    Added Bob's Uhler's Sundragon, new page. Added Southern Fence Lizard from Eric. Added Prairie Ringneck Snake to small snake page.

26 Mar 04    Added additional Sachem shots from Tom. Added open Dusted Skipper shot from Tom. Updated Norm and Cheryl's butterfly county sightings for Cross county.

25 Mar 04    Added more Juvenal's Duskywing shots. Added Bob's dorsal Sleepy Duskywing. Added Stream Cruiser new shots and Florida Cruiser shots. Added a Crab Spider page. Added Confused Cloudywing page.

21 Mar 04    Added Tom's Eastern Coachwhip to racer page. Added new Tiger shots C splendida. Added new Fence Lizard male. Added Rough Earth Snake photos.

20 Mar 04    First day of spring. Added Phidippus cardinalis to Phid spider page. Added Ground Skink to skink page. Added a Tachynid looking fly to other insects. Added Tom's Fence Lizard.

19 Mar 04    Added new Short Piece.

18 Mar 04    Added Mel's White M.

14 Mar 04     Added Olympia Marble page. Added Laphria undescribed Florida species. Added Dreamy Duskywing page.

13 Mar 04    Added second Zabulon Skipper female. Added Northern Cloudywing page. Added Yehl Skipper page. Added Funereal Duskywing page.

11 Mar 04    Added Hoary Edge page (Norm shot). Added another Long-tailed Skipper and expanded page. Added Juvenal's Duskywing page (Norm early male shot). Added open shot of Silver-spotted Skipper. Added less typical Wild Indigo Duskywing (Norm shot).

9 Mar 04    Added second Cricket Frog to Frog page.

4 Mar 04    Added C. splendida to the Tiger Beetle page. New Essay added yesterday.

2 Mar 04    Added Brown Snake shot to Reptiles page. Added Sleepy Orange from EDM.

28 Feb 04    Added Mydas Fly page to other insects. Added second Ammophila wasp species and split wasp page.

24 Feb 04    Added flight dates on the Robber map list to show Georgia, Texas and current Arkansas dates from last years collecting.

23 Feb 04    Added Monarch open shot.

22 Feb 04    Reset main page colors and eliminated word motion which still caused some troubles in Netscape apparently. Floated main photo page to eliminate any overlap out there.

18 Feb 04    Added Laphria lata shots for the robber list page. Linked from AR robber list showing specimen detail in female.

16 Feb 04    Refined Laphria key. Added L. macquarti map. Finished Texas robber list. Added exterior Goatweed shot.

15 Feb 04    Added the Arkansas robber fly map list and linked maps. Linked from robber main page. Added Texas robber list. Linked from the Robber link page.

12 Feb 04    Working on robber maps and robber map list. Not completed.

7 Feb 04    Added link on Main page to photo menu for slower connections.

5 Feb 04     Added shot of Diana larva to Diana frame page. Added Cicindela obsoleta vulturina from Steve Spomer's shot in Calico Rock last year. Reformatted Lycosid list page.

4 Feb 04    New Essay added.

3 Feb 04    Added the Sphecid wasp tribe key for Arkansas. Linked on wasp page. Reformatted AR Dragon map list. Reformatted Laphria key page.

2 Feb 04    Added a Neoitamus picture for the robber list links.

1 Feb 04    Added checklist with foodplants in html format with link to pdf form. This is the up to date section.

30 Jan 04    Added several moths to the moth pages at Other Insects. Tried to add Hodges numbers for several moths or range of numbers. Corrected several butterfly map labels after JS noted some difficulties.

29 Jan 04     Linked the Robber list to local and internet pics. Fixed some justification problems. Added another Dun shot (Tom's). Added an upper LWSatyr (Tom's). Substituted cleaned slide shot for Norm's Gray Hairstreak. Added Cobweb side. Added Broadhead Skink male.

27 Jan 04     Added the two other Phoebis sulphurs to the Cloudless page. More JS fixes. Adjusted Black Saddle links.

26 Jan 04    Added Pearl and Texan Crescent. Added Long-tailed Skipper. Added second Pipevine shot. Replaced female Amberwing. Added Mangrove Buckeye. Added Soldier. More JS corrections.

25 Jan 04    Final (?) JS corrections. Added info on the Strymon melinus anomaly. A few more justification adjustments. Added shot to Diogmites symm page. Added LWSatyr shot. Added Tom's ETB male.

24 Jan 04    Added a Common Sootywing page and a Carolina Roadside-Skipper page with Bob's fine shot. Added shot of the Dusky-blue Groundstreak from Texas to the Red-banded Hairstreak page. Also added a Mexican Yellow page.

22 Jan 04    All pages floated (I hope). Added Mel's Whirlabout. Added Carolina Satyr page. Added Barred Yellow page.

21 Jan 04    Began floating butterfly pages. More Tom dots. Counter add on old essay.

20 Jan 04    Floated archives page and improved Robber list. Adjusted Short pieces page.

Floated reptile pages and added Tom's Mud Snake. Added Eric's male Pondhawk. Floated Robber pages.

Floated and revised Main Page. Counter change.

19 Jan 04     Fixed Butterfly Main and Dragon Main centering for other resolutions. And cleaned pages. Spider Main repaired and improved. Adjusted Photo Main back drop page.

Began the process of changing all photo pages to center floating. Finished open pages and title strips.

18 Jan 04    Added pages for Southern Broken-Dash, Northern Broken-Dash and Tawny-edged Skipper for completion. Need improved pics on these.

A bit of title strip work. B page improved. Getting close to finished tinkering.

Added several other butterfly shots: new Clouded Skipper, new Horace's Duskywing, new Golden-banded Skipper, new Bell's RS and Common Buckeye to expand views of these animals.

Final map updates from last year (clarifying Tom's findings).

17 Jan 04    Fixed all slide bar 800X600 problems on butterfly and dragonfly photos. Buttons adjusted on Reptiles and Other Insects. Still not happy with Spider Main. Adjusting in stages. Fixed a few frame title strip overlaps. Adjusted length and centering and color on butterfly main. Bordered buttons on Main and on the essays for easy use. Darkened B button which had too much ghost.

16 Jan 04    Readjusted Main page to table form on the links and eliminated blue borders. Centering correction for Main and further photo pages. Essay review of old essay.

15 Jan 04    Site out there. Minor counter adjustments. Maps updated for TL. Who now has his own color. Button trick accomplished. Thanks again to MAB for her help and especially to Judy S. who worked beyond the call of duty on the details. Fixed some pic overlap on bflies. Added Tom's LGW to butterfly shots. Resolved B page.

ALL butterfly pages definitively cured of the overlap syndrome!

ALL dragons pages fixed of overlap!

Added Tom's Cobweb Skipper. Added Tom's White M in a new page. Added Tom's Box turtle.

Added a Pondhawk page. Updated Tom's past records for several butterflies.

ALL Robber pages fixed of overlap and centering corrected.

14 Jan 04    Will notify newsgroups. And the rest of the list. Time for widespread testing and more input.

14 Jan 04    Redid Dragon main. Adjusted photo spacings. Testing font for latin on several pages. Improved essay reading back grounds. More JS corrections. She is the best.

13 Jan 04    Replaced butterfly main. Further work on centering in other than butterfly photos. Essay page touchup. Robber centering on robber main. More JSR input.

13 Jan 04    Revised dragons and robber photos for better centering and 800 viewing.

13 Jan 04    Added dhtml to main page. Further picture clearing. Added counters. Button problem on dragon frames fixed.

12 Jan 04    Further improvements in picture pages for centering in lower rez. Testing appearance. Essay centering modifications.

12 Jan 04    Final buttons added.

11 Jan 04    Dragon main overlap for high res fixed (thanks JSR). Buttons further fixed. Sphecid page adjusted.

11 Jan 04    Fixed many centering and alignment problems. More fun with buttons. Long list of items from JS. Including name centering under photos and some sneaky typos. Two buttons left to fix.

11 Jan 04    Corrected overlaps from MAB and suggestions from Giff. Readjusted main page layout again.

10 Jan 04    The rest of photo pages optimized. Main pages recolored.

9 Jan 04    Butterfly pages optimized for lower resolutions. Robber main redone. Corrected Eric's notations. Open frame pages resolved.

8 Jan 04    Site optimization increased for 800X600 screens. Index page width corrected. Frame links fixed.

8 Jan 04    Site goes up!!